Artist Credit: Regan Hicks

Monsters in Our Blood

A young girl's growing up. A mother uncertain what to make of her curious daughter. A pastor who thinks he's doing the right thing. Four forgotten goddesses. When the seven meet in an idyllic American town, a remembering occurs that will forever alter each of their lives. Presented in ten chronological vignettes, Monsters... explores what it means to be woman in a world designed for men.

"BASTET. The Venus of Willendorf is one of the oldest figurines ever found, dating back to around 28,000 BCE. It has exaggerated breasts, these huge globes that make your eyes snap to her chest. Her hips are wide; you can see her vagina. Known as a fertility fetish, she is stunning. Her breasts aren’t just for sexual pleasure; they aren’t for us to look at and dissect with judgment and a hard-on. She’s a mother. Her breasts are for feeding her child; her hips are wide to birth that baby and love them with the intensity of a thousand sculptures. She’s not an erotic fantasy. She’s a totem."


Regan Hicks (Girl), Juliana Conte (Hekate), Alexis Gilliard (Bast), Sarah Kowalski (Lilith), Karoline Thomas (Rhiannon), and Taylor Fish (Mother) in 2020's Zoom reading.


"LILITH. We did the same thing you did. We just told her that it’s okay to have her own thoughts.


MOTHER. Not when it makes her an outsider. Not when it does that.


LILITH. What, like they do to everyone different?


RHIANNON. Like they did to you?"

Regan Hicks (Girl), Jacob Fischer (Pastor), and Taylor Fish (Mother) in 2020's Zoom reading