I'm Rhiannon.
I tell stories.

Hello there! My name is Rhiannon (named, indeed, after the Stevie Nicks song). I’m a Nebraska-born, Nebraska-bred, New York City-trained writer, dramaturg, actor, and director. My interests and passions lie in creating, reimagining, and supporting works that elevate silenced voices and challenge society’s conventional view of history. Largely, I work in the realms of gender and sexuality, rape culture, mental illness, and social justice, exploring their entwining with the arts, politics, history, and identity.

In May of 2021, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Molloy University/CAP21 Conservatory's BFA program, receiving my degree in Theatre Arts and Writing. Currently, I am on staff at The Theatre Times, serving as a production and new play dramaturg for a variety of playwrights, and in the midst of several second (and third and sixth) drafts. To that end, you can find me on NPX, as a member of LMDA, and on Actors Access.

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In my spare time, I'm an avid reader (visit my fledgling Bookstagram here!), a tea addict, a self-professed nerd, and a lover of indie music. Feel free to ask me about my favorite books, historical women, the best brunch places in any given city, or the pantheons of old: I’d be delighted to geek out about any of it.


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